Fiberglass Brooklyn

Fiberglass BrooklynDiverse Brooklyn products are manufactured using fiberglass. The material is advantageous for its lightweight yet durable strength. It can be custom molded while providing the foundation for waterfalls, sculptures, pools and planters.

Fiberglass is also known as glass-reinforced plastic or glass-fiber reinforced plastic. In the housing industry, the material has been used for roofing laminate, door surrounds, canopies and dormers.

Door surrounds are decorative, sometimes elaborate frames around a Brooklyn building’s front door. Dormers are typically extensions to a building that house windows found on slanted roofs. This additional structure adds character and architecture. Types of dormers are gable, shed, hip and link. 


This style features a triangular rooftop. As the most common, you've probably seen these built into victorians and colonials.


In contrast to the gable, the shed has a flat though slanted roof.


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